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Tracks from my self titled debut album released in 2018

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About Hillary's Album

Hillary Klug's debut album includes 17 tracks of instrumental fiddle and guitar and even a little dance.  Hillary explores the concept of cross-tuning, and she takes it to a whole new level.  She uses 13 different tunings, and the guitarist, Jim Wood, uses 12 different tunings.  The tunings are listed in the liner notes so be sure to check them out.  Some of the tunings are traditional, and some of the traditional tunings are moved either up or down a whole step.  She even invented a few tunings.  She took tunes and changed them from their normal keys in order to explore different sounds on the instrument and give the tunes a new voice.  Hillary even invented a few tunings.  Sometimes it sounds like two or even three fiddles at once, but it's it just one fiddle tuned and played in this revolutionary take on the old tradition of cross-tuning.