“The combination of the fiddling and dancing is what makes Hillary special."
-Jim Wood, five-time Tennessee State Fiddle Champion

Hillary Klug

"There are good fiddle players and there are good dancers, but I don’t know anybody in the United States who dances as well as she plays or plays as well as she dances"

-Jim Wood

I am a professional street performer. I fiddle and dance on the streets of Nashville. My debut CD was released June 29th which I'm very pleased It's a comprehensive take on the many sounds of old-time fiddling in various tunings. Both the fiddle and the guitar use 10+ tunings each.

Some accomplishments include:
-National Buckdancing Champion 2013
-Kentucky State Dance Champion 2013
-Appalachain Old-Time String Band Fastival Grand Champion Buckdancer (Clifftop, WV)
-Bachelor's Degree in English

Hillary Klug


Fiddle, buckdancing, guitar, vocals, mandolin, viola, composing, arranging, workshops, teaching, reading music.

About Me

“She’s done what all serious musicians do, as far as she has learned from many traditional sources and everything, but she’s not stopped at that. She’s coming up with her own thing based on the traditions,”
-Jim Wood

I grew up in a small town with an older sister and an older brother. We were home schooled, and I danced all day everyday in front of the mirror. I joined a clogging team when I was eight, and then picked up the fiddle at age thirteen. I competed in both dance and fiddle at many festivals over the years with the National Championship being my biggest win.

I've taught music over the years and now am travelling and performing all over the world. I performed in an independent film titled "Country Music" set to be released in spring 2019.


-Seven years of teaching (one of my students won the Tennessee State Buckdancing Championship
-Bachelors degree from Middle Tennessee State University
-Four seasons as the concert master of the Tennessee Fiddle Orchestra
-Cruise ship Strolling Violinist
-Studied dance with great dancers such as Nic Gariess, Ira Bernstein, and Thomas Maupin
-Studied music in Brazil on scholarship
-Studied music and dance at Warren Wilson College on scholarship

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